Neutron/Density Crossplot
INPUTS Depth =
Neutron log %porosity =
Common densities
Sandstone: 2.65*-2.68
Limestone: 2.71
Dolomite: 2.78-2.87*
*more common value
Matrix bulk density =
Zone bulk density =
Fluid bulk density =
Fresh mud: 1
Salt mud: 1.1
Option: leave zone's bulk density blank
and enter Density log %porosity directly:

Enter Density %porosity =
Gamma-ray in clean zone =
Gamma-ray in shale =
Gamma-ray in zone of interest =
Shale neutron %porosity =
Shale's bulk density =
Option: leave shale bulk density blank
and enter shale density %porosity directly:

Enter shale density %porosity =
RESULTS Gamma-ray index =
Volume% of shale =
%Neutron corr LS porosity =
%Density log corr LS porosity =
Crossplot Pass #1:
%Ls =
%Do =
%Xpor =
Crossplot Pass #2:
%Ls =
%Ss =
%Xpor =
Crossplot Pass #3:
%Ss =
%Do =
%Xpor =


When you finish your calculations,
select the recorded data, copy it,
and then paste it into a spreadsheet
as comma-delimited values to save it.