Water Saturation - Ratio Method
Depth =
Total depth =
Avg surface temp =
Bottomhole temp =
Mud resistivity, Rm =
Rm measuring temp =
Flushed zone resistivity, Rxo (ohmmeters) =
Formation water resistivity (ohms), Rw =
Deep Resistivity (ohm*meters), Rt =
Define optional porosity model:
a =   m =
Resistivity of mud filtrate, Rmf =
Rmf measuring temperature =
RESULTS Temperature gradient =
per 100 depth units
Formation temperature =
Corrected Rm =
Corrected Rmf =
Water Saturation, %Sw =
Porosity% from Archie model
(limestone: a=1, m=2) =
Porosity% from Humble model
(sandstone: a=.62, m=2.15) =
Porosity% from optional model =


When you finish your calculations,
select the recorded data, copy it,
and then paste it into a spreadsheet
as comma-delimited values to save it.